The ‘Dangerous Women’ of the Music Industry and Why They Matter


We recently had an article published on The Equality Hub.  Here’s a taste:

Similarly, it can be much more difficult to work as a female record producer or live sound engineer than a female bass player or social media marketer. One sound engineer wrote in the Huffington Post: “We [women in the music industry] all felt marginalized, ignored, disregarded and disrespected in instances where, if the shoe were on the foot of a man with our credentials, it would never have happened”, whilst one woman working in A&R complains of having male peers promoted above her and her opinions ignored or ridiculed, to the point where she wanted to leave what had been a ‘dream job’.

In case you were in any doubt that this matters, a wealth of articles has been published in recent days declaring the appalling attack on Manchester Arena an attack on girls, women and female sexuality. Ariana Grande’s progressive politics – her outspoken, sex-positive feminism; her support for the LGBT community and for refugees –spilled into the lives of her young fans. In this case, they were punished brutally for their ‘decadence’; for daring to be young, female and carefree.

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